3 Best Tips for customer engagement platform for Real Estate

Customer engagement platform for Real estate is very essential. Now a days,
clients look for information on Social media and the real estate portals.
Web portal reviews:
The customer get reviews online. They then, check the information on phone call
and visit the place to get a firsthand information. Customer experience platform
is provided by the popular real estate web portals. There are many reviewers
available. They share information to the person who inquires about the said
The clients get information, if the promoter is a genuine person, his previous
reputation etc. Based on this review, then the Client engagement happens. The
customer will check facts in his own way and then will visit the place and based on
the satisfying ways of the sales person, he will do the purchase.

  1. Social Media Exposure:
    The real estate people, it could be the developers or the brokers, they engage the
    services of A Digital Marketing Company. The social media team will train one
    member each of the real estate firm or the developer’s personnel. Thus, the
    Customer engagement platform for Real estate happens.
    The daily inquiries will be sent to them. An open house tour is always streamed
    on face book by the social media experts who are engaged by the real estate
    people. This way the personnel get firsthand information of the buyers. There are
    paid advertisements on face book and Instagram. Also, they can engage the
    services of a influencer on twitter. SEO and blogs as well as google ad words are
    another way of engaging prospective clientele. Client engagement happens
    online by the sales team through chat bots. The firsthand information is gathered,
    then the prospective buyer is invited to the sales office and taken round of the
    project. This plan ensures Customer engagement strategy for Real estate and is
    fruitful always.

Customer Support Services:
There is a best follow up plan of Customer engagement strategy for Real estate.
The customer support services team’s engagement with clients. They get into
action, once they get the required data of the prospective buyers. The
communication takes place and the testimonials are shared. The regular
communication to the prospects help in building relationship as well as work as a
Customer experience platform. As, buying a house is not impulsive decision. The
regular hammering will pave its way and the customer may succumb to the
persuasive conversation. The deal is stuck then.

5 Amazing Facts of RERA Management System

RERA is a new system adopted by the builders in India. It is the trend in the
middle east since long. The buyer’s rights are secured by this act. The developers
are unable to deceive any one. The absolute law has been introduced by the
government to protect the property buyers’ rights. The builder is unable to delay
the construction at all. The 5 facts are given below.
1.Investment security:
The investors hard earned money is secure. 70% of the amount is kept in the
bank. There will be a separate RERA account for each of them. According to RERA
act, the money will be used only for construction activities only. The new RERA
management system has made the developer to complete the project in time.
They are unable to invest the amount in any other projects.

  1. Penalties:
    The builders are charged heavy penalties. if they do not abide by the RERA
    management system laws. RERA act covers the residential projects and
    commercial properties as well. The investment is totally under monitoring by the
    RERA authorities. The buyer will have all the liberties to complain to the RERA
    management system authorities.
  2. Brokers are party to the RERA management system:
    The law applies to the brokers or the real estate agents as well. They have to
    register themselves as well. The agents can sell the property registered under the
    RERA act with the said project of the said builder. There is no iota of an instance
    of fraud.
  3. Transparency:
    The transparency advocated by the RERA is providing the much needed security
    to the buyer. RERA management system always provides the project security to
    the investor. The buyers will get information regularly about the development
  4. Information sharing:

The developers will need to share all the information to the RERA authorities.
They will share the information with the buyers. The sales calculation will be
based on the carpet area, not the super built up area. As per RERA act, if there is
a delay in completion and handing over the project, then the builder has to pay
fines along with the interest.